Bebe Taian: Coveted Kimono: 70s-Style Wool Komon

July 15, 2018

Coveted Kimono: 70s-Style Wool Komon

I didn't think I liked it, at first. Over the few days it was up for auction, it kind of grew on me. This odd unlined kimono made of fine wool in it's oh-so-early 70s vibe. Think neon lights, the intro to Soul Train, the white go-go boots... saturated emerald velvet accessories, perhaps, or gold lamé. White collar. Big rhinestone obidome set into gold. Long Cher-like hair, like I used to have. Big eye makeup to draw the eye up as well as down the busy kimono pattern.

A shame I didn't have the ability to snap it up! I need a decent paycheck or ten down before I could put up the expense. There were so many odd wool kimono for sale that week... one that looked like the screen televisions used to have when the broadcast went off the air for the night, or when a screen would get smeared with water somehow. The only annoyance was that this seller has a tendency to break up these wool komon from their matching haori- ugh! If there is a matching piece, I want it! It is impossible to reunite sets once they have been sold to different people. ::sighs::

What is the last kimono you really liked? Did it have an unusual style?

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