Bebe Taian: I'm on Japan Crate's 2019 Bloggers' List?

February 25, 2021

I'm on Japan Crate's 2019 Bloggers' List?

Uh... so I am, it seems. I mean, it's a bit late but I don't typically google myself unless I'm looking for something. So I recently found out that I'm on 's "Top 119 Japan-Focused Cultural Blogs to Follow in 2019"


Especially since... I mean, look at the blog post count. I hit a deeeep depressive spell around 2013 and never crawled out. 

2011- 89 posts, finding my content and stride

2012- 161 posts, finally figuring some things out, lots of plans for the next year!

2013- 69 posts! Strong start in January, about 1 every 3 days. My sister had just gotten her heart transplant. And then. Everything went wrong. So, so wrong.

And then things started to decline. 

A lot of people died in that few years. I buried a lot of people in just two years. 

And then by 2014, my sister died. 

We were able to bury her in my rabbit yukata. She really liked kimono and had wanted to see Japan at least once. She was always worried that the drugs for heart conditions and rheumatoid arthritis, especially steriods, they make you balloon. It doesn't matter what you eat and you can't exercise because literally the whole point of being on them is that your heart doesn't work. It doesn't magically fix your heart. It just keeps you alive longer. And then the transplant drugs... she was always worried that every yukata is this tiny size, and she'd never be able to find one that fits well. But I told her that isn't true, everyone wears them. It's just fabric. They're sewn to order unless mass-made these days. Of course there's kimono in your size...

I didn't really bother with the blog after this. I just open, scroll, close. Later. 

Quick post, close, maybe in six months. 

So how did someone pick this blog for 2019? Was it the only one left? ... in English, maybe? I'm not saying maybe there was a mistake or anything. If it's still useful to people, good. I hope it serves it's purpose. I hope someone was inspired to pick up books and internet materials and watch Youtube videos and learn more! There's a big world out there, so please explore it! But 2019 seems so far from when this blog was at its' peak years. Like the blog failed before it started. A camellia, it came to bloom and then died. 

Well, it was started in November. A winter flower, after all.

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